“Arrive Alive: Your Choices Matter” Mock Crash

Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teens in the US? (CDC) Or that every 90 seconds, someone is injured in a drunk driving crash, and every 53 minutes someone dies in a drunk driving crash? (Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
On April 19th, 2017, over 1,300 sophomores from the Missoula area will be attending the annual¬†“Arrive Alive: Your Choices Matter” Mock Crash demonstration at Ogren Park Allegiance Field. They will be transported to Osprey Stadium to participate in an educational re-enactment of a crash caused by distracted driving. This event is part of our community’s efforts to reduce the devastating injuries and/or deaths resulting from teen distracted driving and driving under the influence.
The Mock Crash will provide a realistic look at the serious and horrifying consequences of distracted driving, lack of seat belt use and driving under the influence while reminding youth that their “Choices Matter” and to make smart choices when they get into a vehicle. This is the second year that the event will focus on distracted driving, which is a growing problem among Montana drivers. In fact, Montana Highway Patrol statistics state that driver cell phone usage contributed to 1,614 crashes from 2004 to 2013. In addition, Montana teens reported that during the past 30 days, 43.8% of them texted or e-mailed while driving a car or other vehicle.¬†(Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2015)
Many community agencies donate their time and services for this event, such as St. Patrick Hospital; along with Community Medical Center, Life Flight Network Air Medical, Missoula Emergency Services Ambulance, Missoula County Sheriff, Montana Highway Patrol, Missoula City Police, Missoula City Fire, Missoula Rural Fire, Red’s Towing, Garden City Funeral Homes, Beach Transportation, Missoula Osprey, Missoula Forum for Children and Youth and Missoula County Schools. This is first time that the event will be held at Ogren Park at Allegience Field and community organizers for this event are especially excited about this new partnership.
The mock crash will be presented at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 19th at Ogren Park at Allegiance Field, over 1,300 students will be bused from area schools for the presentation.

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