Choices Matter Missoula

Choices Matter Missoula is an awareness campaign developed in partnership with LEAD (a non-profit drug prevention organization in Chicago) and MUSAP (Missoula Underage Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition), a workgroup of the Missoula Forum for Children and Youth.  This campaign was a collaborative effort with multiple community organizations dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of our Missoula citizens and youth, and is intended to raise awareness of the prescription drug abuse epidemic and how citizens of Missoula can work together to bring about solutions.  It is our hope that the Missoula community will learn that proper use, proper storage, and proper disposal of prescription medication will help to keep our youth safe!  Be sure to check out our TV ads, radio ads, and pharmacy cards that contain very useful prevention information.  Want to get involved?  Contact us!

Are the wrong hands in your medicine cabinet?

Talk to your kids about the dangers of prescription drugs.

Proper use.  Proper storage.  Proper disposal.

Check out these cards at a retail pharmacy near you!

Missoula biggest drug problem is not on our streets
Missoula biggest drug problem is not on our streets